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Online Session 1: Datathon

Opportunities: Global circulation of collections and exhibitions in immersive environments


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Datathon: Mapping potential appeal of heritage collections:From API to geo-visualization

Date: 26th of January 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: London 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Singapore 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM | Melbourne 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Virtual Co-Host

Lev Manivich_edited.jpg
Lev Manovich
Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab
Cultural Analytics Lab uses data science methods to analyze contemporary global culture, while critically interrogating these methods from the perspectives of humanities and media theory. It employs digital methods for seeing culture at its new scale and velocity. It combines data visualization, design, machine learning, and statistics with concepts from humanities, social sciences, and media studies.

Interactive Talk and Demo of Data To Power 

The demo will present the Collection Mapping Layer of Data To Power prototype, designed by aggregating API data from the V&A Museum and the National Museum of Australia. It will explain the research framework and methodology used in the development of the layer and also share insights from the process of data aggregation and analysis. It will demonstrate the key capabilities of the software prototype to geo-visualize museum collections data to explore their potential appeal in different countries around the world. 

Natalia Profile Image Edited.png
Natalia Grincheva
Lead Project Investigator
LASALLE College of the Arts

Interactive Evaluations Panel

The panel will solicit critical feedback from the V&A Museum and the National Museum of Australia representatives as well as from participants from other museums in the UK, Australia and Singapore. It will create a dialogical space to reflect on the proposed solution’s design, usability, drawbacks and implications for museum collection management practices.

Craig Middleton_edited.jpg
Craig Middleton
Senior Curator, Digital Innovation & Strategy at the National Museum of Australia
Jolan Wuyts_edited.jpg
Jolan Wuyts
Collections Editor at Europeana
Kati Price_edited.jpg
Kati Price
Head of Digital Media at V&A

Discussion Forum

The forum will run interactive evaluations by palling online audiences on the DataToPower app’s user-friendliness, quality of mapping and potential implications for museums’ collections management and analysis. It will open a discussion space with wider audiences to explore the potentials of mapping and data visualization technologies to translate museum collections data into meaningful narratives and insights.

Morgan Strong_edited.jpg
Dave Patten_edited.jpg
Seb Chan_edited.jpg
Dave Patten
Head of New Media at
The Science Museum Group
Morgan Strong
Digital Transformation Manager
Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
Seb Chan
Chief Experience Officer at ACMI in Melbourne
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