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Online Session 1: Webinar

Opportunities: Global circulation of collections and exhibitions in immersive environments


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Webinar: GLAM collections and exhibitions in immersive environments

Date: 24th of January 2022 (Monday)

Time: London 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Singapore 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM | Melbourne 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Virtual Co-Host

Stuart MacDonald_edited.jpg
Stuart MacDonald
Director of ICR Research

International Cultural Relation (ICR) Research 

ICR Research builds on a unique range of expertise, experience, skills, and a global network of experts all committed to a cultural relations approach of dialogue and cooperation. It works across all aspects of the theory and practice of international relations: foreign policy and diplomacy;  multi-stakeholder collaboration; global civil society; transnational networks, and the informal social, cultural and individual relationships that share knowledge and drive change in the interconnected world.


Interactive Practitioner Panel 

The panel will discuss new opportunities provided by mixed realities for a wider global museum outreach and collections sharing. It will focus on the capabilities and limitations of VR, AR and digital technologies in shaping new international communication practices in museums.

Ann Follin_Sweden_edited.jpg
Ann Follin
Director General at National Museums of World Culture (Sweden)
Lang Xiao profile image.png
Lang Xiao
Founder of ARTouch Consulting
Paige Dansinger_edited.jpg
Paige Dansinger
Director at Horizon Art Museum

Interactive Data Panel 

The panel will discuss new technologies and museum practices in light of their implications for data generation, aggregation, and analysis. It will interrogate what new data on collections’ engagement and interaction could immersive environments produce and if museums could successfully employ the data to understand their impacts.

Ben Loveridge_edited.jpg
Ben Loveridge
Immersive Media Coordinator (VR/AR), Learning Environments, Student and Scholarly Services, The University of Melbourne
Douglas McCarthy_edited.jpg
Douglas McCarthy
Collections Engagement Manager | Europeana Foundation | Netherlands Cultural Heritage
Rebecca Bailey
Programme Director Towards a National Collection (UK) UK Arts and Humanities Research Council 

Discussion Forum

The discussion will revolve around the most critical questions brought up by the webinar audiences and by speakers during the panel presentations. It will aim to open a community space to share best practices, analyze cases and articulate key take-aways from the webinar.    

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